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2017 Basically Beethoven Festival announced

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

37th annual series presents students, professional musicians in free concerts

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Dallas City Performance Hall in the Dallas Arts District, every program starts with a Rising Star Recital at 2:30 pm followed by a Feature Performance at 3 pm. Rising Star Recitals present local, gifted young musicians; Feature Performances showcase professional musicians from the area. All concerts are FREE. Details on each afternoon can be found HERE.

“Classical music is the most diverse form of western music, spanning centuries and continents,” explained Basically Beethoven Festival Director Alex McDonald. “Anything can be expressed in beautiful, profound ways: from love to loss, patriotism and exile, thoughtfulness to abandon. This year’s Festival will bring together as many of these different threads as possible. In addition to Beethoven, we will feature several living composers whose voices speak both eloquently and powerfully to our own time.”

McDonald added, “Something I'm particularly excited about this year is our Rising Stars, who represent part of the future of classical music. In the past, we have always used a young soloist with an adult accompanist, but this year we are presenting collaborative duos: two young artists performing together. Some of our performers are only 14 years old and have already played all over the world!”


OVERVIEW: Basically Beethoven Festival 2017

  1. Sundays in July

  2. July 9, Dances & Romances 

  3. July 16, A Spirited Afternoon

  4. July 23, Stephen Nielson and friends

  5. July 30, Americana!

  6. Rising Star Recital at 2:30 pm; Feature Performance at 3 pm; Doors open at 2 pm

  7. Dallas City Performance Hall: 2520 Flora Street, Dallas 75201

  8. As always, Festival concerts are FREE for all. Paid parking is available in surface lots and garages in the Dallas Arts District. Families with children are welcome. For questions, call 214-520-2219 or email

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