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Rogene Russell Scholarship Fund

Scholarship fund applications now open for DISD music students

Deadline to apply: February 3, 2017


Applications are available at under “For Students” and are due February 3, 2017. FACP has selected a committee to review applications and award scholarship funds in early 2017. The committee is composed of representatives from FACP, Southern Methodist University, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, BTWHSPVA, the Dallas Foundation, and the local philanthropic community. Over the past few months, Mr. and Mrs. Stone have also helped secure additional contributions for the Fund from other arts education supporters across Dallas. The Fund now exceeds $620,000 in scholarship money.

Ms. Russell founded FACP in 1981, and for nearly four decades has dedicated herself to organizing free chamber music concerts and free in-school music education for hundreds of thousands of North Texas residents.

“Rogene has made us aware that there are musically gifted, highly talented students in Dallas who need mentoring and financial assistance to reach their musical potential,” Mr. Stone explained. “The fund can provide some of their needed financing each year. Musical genius needs to be supported.”

The Rogene Russell Scholarship Fund is open for additional contributions of any amount. More information on contributing to the Fund may be found at under “I’d like to Give to a Fund.”


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